The Misplaced Metropolis throughout the Amazon rainforest – O'Hanlon's Heroes

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Within the eighth (and shutting) episode of the primary season, O’Hanlon travels throughout the abet of the explorer Percy Fawcett (1867 – 1925). Fawcett is a British explorer. On the request of the Bolivian authorities, he utilized land measurements throughout the border converse of Bolivia and Brazil. He investigated the structure of the Incas and went on an expedition to a so-called hidden metropolis deep throughout the Amazon. He by no diagram returned.

We’re about to rush to a pristine fragment of nature: the Amazon rainforest. There, the place Redmond lives up and the place his hero Percy Fawcett in 1925 led him, alongside along with his son, looking for a misplaced metropolis throughout the guts of the jungle. The British Fawcett had bag out about this in an damaged-down manuscript. In it, a Portuguese explorer wrote in 1753 a few metropolis with gold and silver mines throughout the guts of the Amazon, an El Dorado.

The crucial elements of the town are described intimately, sadly the actual area is no longer. Fawcett and his son searched nevertheless by no diagram returned from the expedition. There grew to become as quickly as no longer even a tag left of them. The irony of being an explorer who has no longer found the remaining. Or he has found one factor nevertheless has by no diagram been in an area to doc it. Our curiosity has regardless of the whole lot been precipitated by it and we’re about to dive into the Amazon design.

Normal title: Op zoek naar een verdwenen stad
Creator and adventurer Redmond O’Hanlon follows throughout the footsteps of his nineteenth century heroes: explorers who traveled the enviornment and made the wildest discoveries.
Offered by: Redmond O’Hanlon
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